Life significantly entails fleeting circumstances that can quickly make you understand what you’re missing. Panseh Tsewole managed to gain from such events when he could see how technology was creating remarkable changes in people’s lives, even though at first he just had a fascination for it. Panseh Tsewole¬†was moved with how much technology had been creating incredible impacts on any organization’s success at attaining their corporate missions and aims.

Before that, Panseh Tsewole had first worked at the Bank of America in Atlanta, GA and Kansas City. He worked as a System Engineer. Then after, a special chance in sort of a job (Information Consulting for company) came up, and he took it even though it meant that he had to move to Virgin Island in US. He’s been undertaking Information Security Consultancy with a company located in Atlanta and engages in information security on a worldwide level.

Understanding yourself is never enough. In fact, it’s boundlessly necessary to see what can cause you to become the person that you are supposed to be. Panseh Tsewole has constantly considered that for you to get a better hold on the reality that is you, you have to be willing to risk and not fear failure. That’s how he has faced challenges in every period of his life, with the enlightenment of a person who has examined both extremes of living.